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Finally! Discover The Hottest Online Cash Program in Five Years and Why Every Smart Marketer is Drooling Over It…


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Hello Entrepreneur,

We’re excited to announce The Cash Secret; the most Powerful Home-Based Business ever created; that will put more cash in your pocket than anything else online today.  Our powerful breakthrough concept incorporates Direct Cash Marketing where you’ll get paid cash directly to your doorstep for promoting Powerful In-Demand Marketing Products.  Let’s face it; everyone wants extra cash and everyone agrees that staying abreast of new marketing techniques is critical to success. Here at The Cash Secret we give you the best of both worlds.

The Cash Secret was founded by a Mastermind Team of TOP Successful Marketers in the industry to take novice and advanced marketers to another mind blowing income level. Put together by marketers for marketers; The Cash Secret mission is to help everyone achieve extraordinary success.  This exclusive and powerful team has made millions in the industry and is directly responsible for literally helping and shaping the lives of 10’s of thousands of people with state-of the art marketing techniques.  They have done it all and are now ready to help you personally to achieve prosperity through new powerful and informative educational products that will take your income to a completely new level.  Success leaves traces and you’re about to learn from the best.

Get Ready For Success…

We’ve built successful marketing companies and most importantly trained people to be successful online.  The Cash Secret is supported by a rock solid company. We own the tee-shirt and it’s got blood stains all over it from past experience trying new concepts; finding out what works and what doesn’t.  Marketing takes work and discipline and there are right ways and wrong way to do it and we are going to teach you the right way. You’ll also want to learn from people that have had success.  We walk the talk.  But most importantly, times change and you need to know that keeping up with technology and new marketing concepts will give you the winning edge you need to be successful online.  We’re talking about pushing you’re marketing reset button on your business and giving you the next generation of proven marketing power tools to explode your income.  But there’s more…

We’re here to help you make money. Not chump change either, but serious cash for once. You already know the economy is not up to par and that’s putting it nicely.  It actually is a real disaster out there.  Millions and Millions are hurting and unemployed.  Foreclosures are still on the rise and our current government would have you believe that the recession is easing.  But that is farther from the truth. 

The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train getting ready to run over you. Wake up and get out of the way!  Our first secret that we want to hammer home to you is that you must develop a successful home-based business to take your life back.  The sooner you understand that you are in control of your life; the sooner you will start generating the serious cash; that up to now; you have only dreamed about.  We know we can help…

The good news is that people are naturally gravitating online to generate cash to make ends meet and that’s a good thing.  Because once you start making money online and see how easy it is you will never want to work for someone else again.  You will literally stop living paycheck to paycheck and take control your financial destiny.

We want to help America get back to work and position you for success by given you an incredible opportunity with The Cash Secret. Just imagine…Your very own Home-Based Business, where you will earn tremendous incomes, discover inside marketing secrets from legendary gurus and learn powerhouse marketing strategies to lift your home-business into the stratosphere. We are talking about BIG Time Cash!

Get Ready For The Cash…

The Cash Secret is a Multiple Level Business.  It incorporates into 6 Power Cash Levels. We have chosen to utilize the Superior 1 Up Cash Flow System to bring you the fastest way for you to earn cash. The 1 Up out performs all other online compensation structures. With the 1 Up structure you must first qualify to be able to receive commissions, by giving up your first sale at the level you have joined. After you have given up your first sale at the level that you have joined then you are qualified to be able to earn commissions.  From that moment forward; ALL of the Cash comes directly to you.   You make 100% commissions.  That’s the way it should be. To learn more about the Amazing 1 Up Compensation Plan.

You’ll get paid virtually overnight and the "Happy Truck" will visit you regularly, or the member can be paid any way they choose.  No more waiting 30 to 60 days in the rear for you’re nickel and dime checks.  The Cash Secret also allows you to automatically be qualified to earn commissions at the lower levels. You only have to qualify at the level that you joined. Make no mistake about it. This is the fastest way for you to earn serious money online today.

Let’s take look at The Cash Secret’s 6 Power Cash Levels:

6 Power Levels 

Level 1 - $497 

Level 2 - $1,497

Level 3 - $3,497

Level 4 - $6,497

Level 5 - $12,497

Level 6 - $24,497


As you can see…there is a Tremendous amount of income to be earned in The Cash Secret.  You’re job is to get to the TOP of this pay structure as fast as possible to maximize your income here at The Cash Secret. The higher the Level that you join; the more cash you can make. The higher level you join the more marketing education you’ll learn.  We’ve married these two symbiotic concepts so that you increase your success.  The more education you have the more you earn.  This simple concept is true in the corporate world as well as the internet.  That’s why you should always embrace continuing education especially new internet marketing concepts.

The Cash Secret has made this Home-Business Opportunity very easy to understand and extremely fast for you to generate extra cash.  All you do is choose the level you can afford to get started.  We recommend you start at the highest level you can afford to maximize your commissions. As you start generating more cash you can move up to the next level to generate even more cash at that next level.  After choosing your Power Cash Level of participation and your powerful learning product package; you’ll pay a small Admin Fee of just $49.95 for your YEARLY Hosting of website and your 1 UP Software Tracking System.  The Cash Secret has even made the Admin fees affordable to everyone.  Now you have no excuses.  Do something about your finances today and claim your position right now.

You will get fantastic products for your purchase too. Check out the product section.

A Powerful System Awaits You…

Starting a Home-Based Business can be very frustrating, but not here at The Cash Secret.  We’ve designed a simple yet powerful automated system that will take out most of all the heavy lifting and the difficulty of getting your business up and running fast.  It will take work on your part.  You must understand nothing online is totally automated and we want to eliminate “Do Nothing” mentality in the industry.  The Cash Secret wants to be honest and straight forward with you right now.  All businesses take work.  So…if you been feed a lazy mans approach online and expect that you can sign up here; do nothing and be a millionaire by noon, then this is not for you.  Get realistic and start being taking responsibility for your success.  We hope you understand our candid and direct honesty here is for your benefit.  The one thing that The Cash Secret will never do is give you a bunch of BS and try to mislead you.  We want you to understand that our system has major automated features, but will take work on your part to implement our proven systems to ensure positive productivity and results.  This consistent effort on your part can be done working as little as 1 hour a day.

With The Cash Secret you’ll work smarter not harder with our Turn Key Automated Systems.  We have designed an amazing program that eliminates the major pit falls and failures to ensure maximum results.

Imagine…The Benefits

 NO phone calls, cold calling or prospect follow ups unless you want to…

 NO explaining, answering questions or trying to convince people…

 NO pestering family & friends…

 NO more closing the sale…

 NO advertising or marketing to figure out…

 NO hosting to arrange, websites to build or technical stuff to sort out…

 NO monthly quotas or monthly purchases needed…

 NO presentations to make…

 NO more working alone without a plan…

 NO matrixes to fill or more complicated compensation structures to

 NO more gifting or worrying about legalities…

 NO more potions and lotions, travel discounts, vitamins supplements,
           gambling, or vapor products…

 NO building an army of distributors like MLM…

 NO more nickel and dime programs…

 NO waiting to get paid…

 NO stress or hassles…Nothing but pure FUN.

Other Dynamic features of The Cash Secret’s automated systems can be found in our Members Area where you’ll find a complete Marketing Control Panel.  These 7 Power Automated systems are the essential core marketing backbone of The Cash Secret and is what separate us from other programs.  You’ll be amazed at how powerful yet simple your Marketing effort will be and we’ll guide you along the way to help you truly understand these powerful systems. Just follow our easy to understand Fast Start Guide to ensure your success and attend our regular informative Team Training Calls and our Advanced Marketing Mastery Seminars.

Meet Our Assembly Line to Success.
It’s Time to Put You’re Business in Turbo Drive

7 Powerful Automated Systems

 Closing Power System

          Optional Professional Closers for your Business

          Complete and Total Automation

          Automated Business Builder Presentation

    Hotline Power System

         24 Hour Sizzle call

         Presentation is done for you

         Prospects connects with You

    Postcard Mailing Power System

         Postcard sends prospect to Website

         Postcard sends prospect to Hotline

         Postcard sends prospect to Conference call

      Video Squeeze Page Power System

               Visual Engage with multiple sites

               Tracks Campaigns, Stats, and Capture Leads

      Voice Broadcast Power System

          Voice Broadcast your Hotline Number

          Voice Broadcast your Conference Call Number

          Voice Broadcast your Website

 Webcast Power System

         Webinars multiple times weekly plus Team Training Calls

         Presentation is done for you

         Answers prospect questions

 Toolbox Power System

         Low Cost and Premium Tools are Available

         Webinar and Recorded Video Training


Other optional tools available include Video Email, Email System, LeadToolbox All-In-One suite and much more.

Extreme High Tech Automation…

One feature that is a very important is our optional feature in our Members Area which is the ability for our members to choose Professional Closers to assist them with their home based business.  Many people feel that they are not salespeople and this option ensures additional success and a higher level of automation within The Cash Secret System allowing a member to sit back relax and just concentrate their marketing efforts of driving traffic to their squeeze pages and main website.  Once again The Cash Secret sets its goals high in providing you with additional support and resources in helping you become successful with your business.  Our Professional Closers have your best interest at heart.

Get Ready for New Marketing Tools…

       No More Wondering How To Contact People

       Tools To Promote On Any Budget

  Training Available Too

Products You Can Believe In…

The Cash Secrets has an incredible product lineup for you to promote.  You’ll get Colossal Power Pack Libraries of audio, video and webinar training.  Nobody has this kind of material.  Much of our products are propriety products only found in The Cash Secret.  This is a complete Success Marketing Toolbox.  What’s important here is for you to understand that this is content at its best.  Not just another ebooks portfolio that really gives you misinformation, but choice content; the best of the best. 

 What I'm saying is this: rarely do you get the opportunity to buy such an exclusive powerful package. When the time comes along, you grab it and feel privileged that you got the opportunity get the chance to learn from these legendary internet experts. Take a look at this incredible package.

As you can see our enormous product lineup has tremendous value and not only will you generate more assets and cash flow but also get re-educated on the latest online techniques, but you’ll be able to resell many of these products for more profits and we’ll show you how to do just that. You’ll make even More Cash reselling them.  The profit potential is unlimited.

Bonuses to Ensure Your Success…

Big Bonuses are coming your way when you get started with The Cash Secret. 

With our Advance Training sessions and automated systems in place; we’ll show how to market to the millions of people that need what we have. 

While there will be marketers that take full advantage of The Cash Secrets pay plan; great products and training; who will say to themselves, “This is My Ticket!”.  We believe that the income potential is staggering; generating six figures monthly due to you’re determination, endurance and perseverance is possible.  These are the kind of people that roll up their sleeves and go to work.   Here is your opportunity.

I hope so.  We’re not making a bunch of income claims here.  We’re not going to give you a bunch of BS hype.  Honestly; we’ll be teaching a plan that is practical, proven, and simple how you can generate $10,000 or more per month.  It will take work, and we have put in place a powerful automated system that will consistently generate you serious cash. That is a fact and you can take it to the bank.


This opportunity is not a NO Brainer.  It’s a Brainer!  You’ll actually learn here.  We’re going to make you a smarter savior marketer.  You really don’t have anything to lose.  We have taken all the risk out of joining The Cash Secret.  Here is your chance to generate more cash than you have ever dream of and learn at the same time.  Please help yourself and allow us to help you get back your life with the Most Powerful Online Program Today, The Cash Secret.

Get Ready for the Real Secret…

The Cash Secret is truly a high end cash machine that is attracting thousands of people who want change.  Change from the crazy unemployment woes and this uncertainty recession climate.  We know it’s important to you to find a rock solid company that you can trust.  With all of the scams online; we also know you’re looking for integrity, great products to promote, and a simple structure that will ensure success. The real inside secret here is YOU.  You’re the one this program was created for.  You’re the one that is the missing piece of the puzzle and you’re the one we want to help financially.  Without “YOU” there is NO SUCCESS.  You are truly the missing link.

We believe that you are unstoppable and deserve financial freedom.   In understanding the power of The Cash Secret; you’ll open up to new and exciting marketing techniques; embrace your learning and earning potential, and develop yourself as a leader along the way.  The true inside secret is YOU.  Understanding yourself, developing your skills and attracting wealth into your life through the power of The Cash Secret.

Abundance is Inside of You…

We encourage you to embrace the life changing experience of The Cash Secret and attract abundance into you’re life.  Take the next step, never doubt yourself, be decisive, and get started right now. After all nobody can stop you but you. You already have the desire, endurance, and perseverance to succeed. You just need a chance to make it happen and that’s where we come in.  Let us help you generate the serious high-end cash you so rightly deserve.  Get started right now.

Discovering The Cash Secret is about finding your lost entrepreneurial self, waking up that inner hidden drive, motivating yourself to be all that you can be with universal laws that point you in the right direction at the right time. The Cash Secret wants you to surrender to your inter desire and entrepreneurial drive to become financially free.  Deep down inside we know how much you want a better lifestyle for yourself and you’re family and it all starts with joining our professional team. Do that right now and click on the join link and let’s get you started.

What Are Your Waiting For?
It’s Time for YOU to Generate Mega Cash Now!

*All statements regarding income are for illustration purposes only. 
Income will vary with the time and effort from each person.

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