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What's The Cash Secret?


Being RICH and being WEALTHY are not the same!

Welcome To TCS!

After reading, studying and visualizing abundance with best-selling books such as, "The Secret", "Think And Grow Rich", "The Science Of Getting Rich", and many other masters of their field, we've come to the conclusion that though "THE CASH SECRET" may have been a closely guarded "secret" to the wealthy, it's actually a universal law available to everyone. Its simply been lost in over time. This "secret" is so powerful, we feel it's the missing link that can unleash the forgotten potential in everyone. It's not some complex puzzleunderstood by only a few. Don't worry. we've simplified the puzzle for you. We've cracked the "Cash Secret" code and it will no longer be a secret for those who choose to open their awareness and ask, "What if...?".


Money doesn't have a mind of its own. It can't think. It flows like a "current" and operates by universal law. Money follows universal rules. Why do you think they call the FOREX market, the "CURRENCY" market? Because it flows like a current. Anyone can guide the "current" of money by understanding these universal rules. Many TCS courses will solidify your understanding in this area so that you can accelerate your increase in value to the marketplace. Adding value to your life is key. The current of money flows towards those that provide the most value, not those that are entitled to it. The bottom line is rarely does money flow to those who WANT it, it flows like a river to those who DESERVE it!


All credit is not the same. You must learn which is which and how to use "good credit" to accelerate the acquiring of skills as well as physical cash generating assets that can build you passive wealth. You want to use credit as leverage to secure control of income producing assets. It's how the WEALTHY get wealthier and the POOR get poorer. The wealthy see good credit as a useful tool and the poor see it as something to be avoided or fall into the bad credit trap to be burried under. If you are afraid of debt, you're at a significant disadvantage compared to those who know how to use it. They will ALWAYS have access to more abundance and prosperity (and opportunities) than you.


Why do many so-called "smart people" remain poor? It's because they know the "value" part of the equation and get educated but they have not mastered the marketing part. Possibly they don't see themselves as a "sales person" and fall back to the percieved safety of an hourly wage job or they lack the skills to adequately market and promote themselves or if an entrepreneur, to promote their business or product. Most businesses fail do to lack of sales. It's that simple. Did you know the best product is not always the best seller. For example, the best selling wine in the world comes in a box and is not the best quality wine. It's the one with the best sales and marketing campaign. Learning the skills of marketing and promotion are essential if you want to earn lots of cash.


The Cash Secret poducts are designed to accomplish three tasks...

1. Open your awareness about what money is and how money works. You need an understanding of how it works. Money is not real. You don't "get rich". You then make it welcome in your life.

2. Educate yourself. It takes value to create money but skill to harvest it. Money is simply a byproduct of the value we provide in exchange for a product or service. The products we offer (see product page) can be used to educate yourself.

3. Sell the products. The products can be resold to others once the license is purchased. This can be done on a global bases due to the digital nature of the products. TCS is a true business without borders.


It's not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy business. TCS is true legitimate system that gives the power to the individual and then stays out of the way!

Marvin H.

Online Marketer

The products at each price point are incredible with over 30 Gigs of educational content total. WOW! I feel proud to offer the TCS products to my customers.

Terry R.

Home-Business Specialist

I feel like I've been offered a virtual digital franchise without the "franchise" pricetag. I sell a product package and I get paid directly. Just like a traditional business.


Digital Global Income Specialist

Creating cash is easy if you follow a plan.


MORE CASH is SCREAMING for you to welcome it to your life! Just work in harmony with its current(cy) and you start the process. It's not going to happen overnight but it will happen. Are you listening to it speak your name? It's a feather touch it first. You must pay attention. If you don't, it can turn into a freight train of poverty. Join "The Cash Secret" and grow with a community that will work with you to raise your level of awareness and help you re-discover your potential.