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What is TCS?

TCS is a streamlined digital franchise "style" system. Not a true franchise in the traditional sense, but in that we are charging a minimal $150 license fee to use our platform and duplicate our system. We consider TCS as a "BUSINESS HUB" where anyone can build their own funnel and hook up to our turn-key platform.

Is TCS a Multi-Level Program?

No. Not at all. The 1 Up compensation plan is not multiple levels. Eash person pays one person thus it's impossible to be multi-level. We like to think of it as an affiliate program with leveraged Joint Venture partners.

What are the products?

We have listed the products in great detail on the product section. They are all digital videos education. We have a total of 34 Gigs of content in our library. They are put in specific categories. You choose which you'd like to get, make payment and you can then instantly get access to them.

How can I promote TCS?

This is up to you. However, we do not allow illegal forms of marketing such as phone broadcasting and anything that will harm TCS such as reverse marketing. We do not allow the TCS images or videos used anywhere unless express written permission is given. This is to protect the program and your business from abuse and negativity.

How do I get paid?

Members are in business for themselves. TCS does not collect funds for product thus we do not pay anyone. This streamlines our end of running the platform so we can charge such a great flat rate license fee. You can fee free to get paid any way you'd like should someone want to make a purchase. It's your business. You have total control over it.

Is this legal?

What's not to be legal? You are selling products to a consumer. If you want to sell them yourself, you pay a license fee of $150 one time to use the platform which pays for upkeep, hosting, tech support etc..

What's the compensation plan?

This is explained in detail in the compensation plan section of the site. We use a tried-and-true structure called a 1 Up. Meaning, you give your first sale away as your "qualifying sale" which is essentially a bonus for the sponsor's support to you. If you choose to leverage this aspect, it can possibly add quite a bit of potential income to your bottom line as those you refer, duplicate what you teach them. It's so simple. Find one and help them find two (the first going to you).

How long has TCS been around? I have seen some old information about it.

This is a new launch with a new concept, new compensation and new products. Anything you may see that is earlier than June 2019 is no longer valid.